The days when beauticians were using just pen and textbook to manage their appointments are passed. We are surrounded by tons of different online services that help to control workload, schedule, and clients base. We collected the most popular online tools for beauticians used widely by Estonian professionals.

Booklux is the online booking platforms that provide solutions for a list of different business types like car repair services, gyms, medical cabinets and, of course, beauty salons. Beauty industry tools include online booking for your clients, schedule and services management, ability to make some promotions.

Booklux also has a mobile application for both – iOS and Android platforms, where you can manage your schedule from anyplace. One of the best online tools for beauticians to use.


Price: 19-39€ / month
Mobile app: iOS, Android
User interface: 3 / 5
Self-employed masters support: Medium
Languages: English, Estonian, Russian

SalonLife is a comparatively new player on the Estonian market, but already catch the eye on it. The very convenient and understandable interface is not overloaded with tons of functionality that used once in a century.

At the same time, mainly used features are still there: online booking for your customers, notifications, reminders and all this wrapped in the mobile application.


Price: 0-17€ / employee / month
Mobile app: No
User interface: 5 / 5
Self-employed masters support: Good
Languages: English, Estonian

SalonInfra is positioned as a complete business management system with a list of features that will be very useful for salon owners and administrators. Beside standard calendars and online booking widget platform also manage the team, accounting, internal products stock, financial statistics, inventory, etc.

The platform is the best choice for big salons or salon networks with a huge amount of masters and services. With all that, the team behind SalonInfra provides training and personal customer support.


Price: 35-140€ / salon / month
Mobile app: No
User interface: 2 / 5
Self-employed masters support: Bad
Languages: English, Estonian

Fleetl is not a booking platform. It has no booking widgets, inventory or employees management. It is created especially for individual masters instead of salon owners or administrators.

Fleetl is 2 mobile applications for both sides – clients and beauticians. For people who have no permanent hairdresser, who’s master is busy or on vacation or who just want to try something new – Fleetl is a good opportunity to ask for services and get private offers.

For masters – this is a good additional tool that helps to get rid of unused time windows, get new clients and additional income. Clients are asking for service for a specific date, every master that fit request receive the notification and can propose own time slot for them.

The pricing is simple – 10% from the service price after client visit. If master proposed to client service for 30 euros and client accepted, after visit master will be billed for 3 euro. Account and usage of the app are absolutely free.

Fleetl apps

Price: 10% from sold service
Mobile app: iOS, Android
User interface: 4 / 5
Self-employed masters support: Good
Languages: English, Estonian, Russian